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Enbede Co. Products

Over the years Enbede Co. has been involved in developing dozens of products.  Some of those have been in conjunction with very large companies, others with very small companies or even individuals.  In addition, many concepts have been internally developed but never brought forward to commercialization.  Most of the products described below are ones that are ready for commercialization.  In some instances patents have been issued, prototypes made, prototype molds produced to create samples and packaging designed and/or produced for final retail display.  For medical products, they are at the stage suitable for clinical trials.

There are many more products that may be viewed in confidence for which extensive documentation and design details can be provided to form a basis for a pre-emptive U.S. patent once a licensing contract is signed.  In these latter  instances a guarantee is offered; namely, if a U.S. utility patent does not issue, there could be a reduction in royalty fees.

Office Products

We feature products that make your office better organized, more productive and better to look at.  In particular, the desktop area around one's computer is a major challenge.  Often materials are difficult to hold close to the computer screen for data entry or word processing leading to awkward positions of body, neck and head resulting in aching muscles.  Often lighting is poor leading to eye strain. We have developed products to address these areas of concern.  Contact Us for details of office products that have been prototyped and tested in office environments. 

Bath Products

The bathroom presents a number of opportunities for innovation.  In the first place, it is a place that more than any other, fosters growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.  It is also a place where cleaning and maintenance is considered an especially unpleasant task. It is also often the place where medicines are kept and taken. These represent opportunity areas. Four patented products are available: 

    * Haley Grundge fighter ringsTM for toothbrushes and dental tools to lift them out of the pool of oral bacteria that tends to accumulate with use;

    * a unitary squeegee for wiping down mirrors, shower stalls and bathtubs to prevent mildew formation; and,

    *  two versions of heaters to dry towels, wash cloths or small personal items between use again to prevent mildew formation. 

In addition, products designed to reduce messes and cleaning problems in the bathroom have also been prototyped and tested in a home environment. One such product is:

    * Holders for cups to reduce mold/mildew are under development - several prototypes have been tested to date.

Check out our on-line Catalog of products for details or Contact Us for details of  products under development.  

Other Consumer Items

Indoor air pollution is of increasing concern as buildings are built tighter to save on energy costs.  A number of products have been developed for reduction or elimination of odors and/or particulates and allergens in indoor spaces.  Novel air purifiers using catalyst technologies may be viewed in confidence

A product that enables persons with weak hand muscles or arthritic joints to more easily open flip-top cans has been prototyped.

Medical Products

A system for monitoring pain and providing relief is under development.

A technology for reducing medical waste, decontaminating them and in some instances recovering energy from disposable plastics is under development.  Sponsors are being sought.

A clinical and/or home use testing system for electrolytes is under development in cooperation with a non-profit research foundation.

Two medical devices were developed for delivering tailored spectrum (mostly red) light to interact with photosensitizing drugs used for cancer treatment. One device was for external radiation and the other was for internal illumination. See more details here: Cancer Treatment.

Several programs are under development to model biological systems and to provide analysis and simulations of complex systems. Such models may be useful in computer-aided diagnostics and Aritificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

Software Products

A decision-making aid has been programmed making use of Bayes Theorem.  It can be tailored to a variety of problems from medical to investment strategies.  An expert system has been developed for aiding in new product evaluations and strategy development.  Other software products are under development as apps for smart phone deployment.  Domain names have been reserved (Medic-Apps)

Books and other Written Works

A textbook for Inventors was developed as an outgrowth of a series of workshops and lectures for inventors given by Dr. Donald Job. Other works have been published on business and market planning as well as on the process of forming an invention evaluation service.  Click on the following for further details: Written Works.  If you would be interested in purchasing an eBook version of  any of these, let us know.

Technology/Products of Others and Current Research

On occasion we represent the technology or products of other inventors/developers.  We also engage in research to ferret out new technologies or their applications.  See our current interests under the Research tab above.

Contact Us   for details of these and other products under development.

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