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Reflections on Science and Religion

Personal reflections of Dr. Donald Job.  Dr. Job has a BA in Physics from Linfield College and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the University of Illinois.

Since childhood I have loved my times in the outdoors and have fed my curiosity about things in diverse ways including reading, conversing, hands-on building things and subsequently in conducting research in a number of disciplines.  I have engaged in numerous in-depth conversations with leaders in their fields of science and theology and with students at various universities.

My basic approach to science has been one of discovery of how things work from the perspective that there is a Creator who designed the world as we know it and that there are underlying unifying principles that can be learned.  In other words there is order and purpose rather than random and happenstance occurrences.  Such was the position of most scientists who were active during the Age of Enlightenment. It seems however in modern times, the emphasis is to try very hard to dismiss the possibility of an Intelligent Designer and First Cause.  Many biology textbooks authors in fact invoke the structure or function of a particular organism as having "survival value" and speculate on what that could be leading them down a path for which there is no evidence.  In my view a lot of money is wasted on research that tries to explain the evolutionary connection between different species.

Darwin's theory of evolution has been embraced by many scientists to the point of incredulity.  For many it has become a belief system rather than a scientific system based on evidence and logic. My contention is that the belief in a Creative being (God) provides a more logically satisfying explanation of the origin of the universe and the origin of life. For example, various experiments on creating "life in a test tube" always start with some "intelligent" manipulation of the conditions and/or constituents or a "seed" material.  One cannot get a chicken without the egg, nor an egg without a chicken.  At the molecular level, one cannot synthesize a protein without a genetic code (RNA/DNA) to arrange the amino acids in a desired sequence.  Similarly, one cannot make RNA or DNA without proteins to catalyze (nucleases) the nucleotide reactions.  There is also the issue of handedness of molecules.  Random processes (thermodynamic laws) would result in equal types of D or L (right or left handed) isomers whereas in natural organisms predominantly only left handed (L-amino acids) are produced..


to be continued ...



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