Swipe Your Walls to Prevent Mold & Scum Build-up

Lower the Risk of Growing Allergens

Use Bath-Mate™ Squeegee* to dry shower walls, mirrors and other surfaces to Reduce Mildew!

- Accelerate drying of surfaces between uses

- Minimize mildew growth

- Reduce unsightly hard-water build-up

- Prevent allergens from accumulating

- Has built in handy handle for hanging near point of use

- Use for other cleaning jobs too kitchen, automotive, shop

*Uses flexible and dishwasher safe thermoplastic elastomer of unique design.

      For Sale or Licensing     

U.S. Utility Patent issued, claims allowed to Professional Product Designer.


Market advantages over competitors

- may be colored for matching decors

- may be molded into fun shapes for children

- positive consumer responses, may have custom message molded in (ad specialty item)


High margin product

- single material used ensuring low production costs


Prototypes for product and packaging available for inspection.

- manufacturing specifications available


Miniature form available with embossing option for advertising specialty market.




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